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Discover the location scouting offer of the Film Commission Zurich!

We offer you the opportunity to be accompanied by an experienced location scout from Zurich. We contribute to the costs for the preparation of the scout, accompanying to selected locations in the Zurich area, and accommodation for the scouting crew.

The Film Commission Zurich supports both the local scout and the production company throughout the entire process. Whether it is a feature film, series, short film, documentary or commercial - all production companies* can submit an application, provided they plan to commission a location scout based in the canton of Zurich or have already done so. Under conditions you can find out which other criteria must be met and which documents must be submitted with the application.

Depending on the size of the production and the scope of filming in the Zurich region, the offer includes the following services:


  • A maximum of 4 days of location scouting will be carried out by a professional location scouting company based in Zurich.

  • Coverage of overnight costs (including breakfast) of up to a maximum of 3 nights for a maximum of 3 people .

Apply for the Location Scouting Offer using our online form. Please note that we only consider applications via this online form.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or +41 43 555 80 80 . We will also be happy to help you find a location scout in the Zurich area.



Audiovisual projects (feature films, series projects, short films, documentaries and commercials etc.) in the pre-production phase that see Zurich as a potential filming location.


Please use only the online form above to submit your application. We also require the following documents in order to review your application: 


  • Synopsis 

  • Moodboard 

  • Budget/calculation of the project including proven Zurich effect 

  • Current funding level of the project 

  • Planned evaluation (national/international)  

  • Details of the executing location scouter (tax domicile in the Canton of Zurich)

  • Planned measures for green filming (optional) 


In addition to the commissioning of a location scout based in the Canton of Zurich (tax domicile), the decisive factors for the acceptance of the application include the planned turnover in the Zurich region (see «Eligible expenses for Zurich effect»), the planned distribution of the audiovisual work and the degree of financing of the project, etc. 


With a possible surcharge, the production company undertakes to mention the Film Commission Zurich by name in the credits of the production. In addition, the Film Commission Zurich may, in consultation with the production company, report on the production and use approved image and video material for marketing purposes among other things.


There are no fixed submission deadlines for applications for the Location Scouting Offer. Applications received by October 31, 2024 will be reviewed. 


The application must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the first scheduled scouting date. Scouting must be completed by December 31, 2024 at the latest. If scouting is not possible within this period, the production company must submit a new application.


The decision to grant a contribution is the responsibility of the Film Commission Zurich, taking into account the above criteria. Decisions will be communicated to the producer in writing as soon as possible, without the need to give reasons for rejection. 



There is no legal entitlement to support.

*Please note that photo shoots and film productions with pornographic content or which violate the constitution or the law are excluded.


The funds for the Location Scouting Package for 2024 are limited. Consequently, contributions can only be made until the funds are exhausted. The amount of a contribution are based on defined criteria and only within the limits of the funds available to the Film Commission Zurich. The maximum amount per film project is CHF 6,000.  

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