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Discover the new Production Incentive from Film Commission Zurich!


We are proud to announce that we can now offer a production incentive for the Zurich filming location.

Our Production Incentive is aimed at certain selected film projects that are to be shot in the Zurich area.

The support contribution can be applied for the production of feature films, series and animations that are released in cinemas, TV and/or video-on-demand. However, the decisive factor is the international nature (distribution as well as cast and crew) of the project. Under conditions you can find out which other criteria must be met and which documents must be submitted with the application.

Apply for Production Incentive using our online form. Please note that we only consider applications via this online form.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or +41 43 555 80 80 .

(We are in the test phase until the end of 2024 and will endeavor to make continuous adjustments based on your feedback and new findings).



This support contribution (production incentive) acts as top financing, which means that 80% of the financing of the film project must be proven when applying. In addition, the production-related expenses in the canton of Zurich must be at least CHF 500,000 (see «Eligible expenses for the Zurich effect»). ​


To submit your application, we ask that you only use the online form above. For the submission we also need the following documents to check the application:


  • Budget of the total production costs including the proven Zurich effect (at least CHF 500,000)

  • Summary of the representation of Zurich including filming duration and locations (shooting schedule/moodboard)

  • Synopsis of the entire project Cast and crew information

  • Financing plan including binding financing commitments (financing level of at least 80%)

  • Planned evaluation (national/international) and marketing concept

  • Planned measures for green filming (optional)


The most important criteria for a possible cost subsidy are the Zurich effect, the Zurich connection in the form of story and image as well as the distribution of the rights to the film project. The internationality, in the form of the planned international exploitation as well as cast and crew, carries the most weight.


In the event of an award, the production company undertakes to name the Film Commission Zurich with its logo in the credits of the production. In addition, the Film Commission Zurich may, in consultation with the production company, report on the production and use approved image and video material for marketing purposes.



Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis and the decision to grant support is the responsibility of the Film Commission Zurich, taking into account the above criteria. Decisions will be communicated to the producer in writing as soon as possible, without the need to give reasons for rejection. 


The application must be submitted at least four weeks before the start of shooting.


There is no legal entitlement to support. Please note that short films, corporate and image films, reports, music programs and videos, photo shoots and film productions with pornographic content or which violate the constitution or the law are excluded.



The funds for the Production Incentive for 2024 are limited. Consequently, contributions can only be made until the funds are exhausted. The amount of a support contribution will be based on defined criteria and only within the limits of the funds available to the Film Commission Zurich. The maximum amount of the grant per film project is CHF 30,000. 

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